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Our aim is to educate children in the truest sense of the word - to light a fire, not simply fill the bucket. Driven by our Thinking School approach, and delivered by dynamic and inspiring teaching, we strive to develop a passion for learning that will carry our pupils through their school years and beyond.


We create an environment where children’s views and ideas are respected and encouraged. We believe that the classroom should be a place where pupils feel safe to challenge and be challenged.


When children do not fear being wrong, they are ready to express their own views, test out new ideas and take risks. At NHP, we celebrate making mistakes, and learning from them, as the path to deeper learning. We nurture the hardy attitudes and habits that will serve our children well, now and in later life. In doing this, we instil in our pupils the ability to problem solve and become independent.

We place emphasis on developing our children into confident and caring young people.  We focus on their ability to cooperate, to think and act collaboratively and to show consideration for the feelings and needs of others.


In short, we encourage the children to be the best person they can be.  Our pupils have an innate self-confidence gained over many years of being allowed to grow into themselves. You will know an NHP pupil by what makes them stand out from the crowd.


We are a preparatory school and believe strongly in academic rigour and preparing the children comprehensively for entrance exams to their next schools at 11+ or 13+.  However, alongside academic achievement, we also believe in the innate joy of childhood.  Perhaps, most importantly, in these highly pressurised times, we believe it is possible to have both.


Please read our Mission Statement here.